Hello! My name is Bob Painter and I live in sunny San Diego, California. I work as a web developer/graphic designer at CNG Digital Marketing.

Prior to that, I worked in the game industry for 15 years at Sony Online Entertainment as a 3D artist on the videogame, EverQuest and have also been working with websites since 2012.

I decided to switch career fields in 2015 and completed a full-time web development program focusing on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, UX, and SEO at Front End Web Development program at SDCE earlier this year. It was an amazing program and I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get into the field who is local to San Diego.

After completing the Front End Web Development program, I completed the Web Development program at Mesa College. My passion is working with WordPress and I started in 2012, freelancing since 2014 and working professionally since 2016.

One of the biggest but most rewarding challenges I’ve faced is having to be required to learn various software programs quickly and efficiently whether it be in 3D development, Adobe Suite, or in web development. During my career, I have acquired many skills but I am still always looking to grow and conquer the next challenge.


Q: Why "kuroppi"?

A: Black was always one of my favorite "colors" and back in college, I had the handle "kuro", meaning "black" in Japanese. One day as a joke, I switched my handle to "kuroppi", a play on the Sanrio character, "Keroppi" and others got a kick of it and it somehow stuck.

Q: Favorite video game?

I am big gamer, especially with fighting games. Unfortunately, my busy schedule prohibits me from playing a lot these days but I try to keep up as best as I can. My favorite game of all time is Super Street Fighter II Turbo. I feel that it's the best version of the classic Street Fighter II series and it's still played competitively to this day. I've played competitively in tournaments around the USA and also in Japan. I've also organized big global tournament series for the game at Evolution (the biggest fighting game tournament on the planet). You can see some of the details on the X-Mania, ST Games, and TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS pages.

Q: Favorite burger?

A: There are a lot of great burger joints in San Diego and I consider myself a bit of a burger snob though I still love a good, cheap burger. :) Blasphamy to many, I prefer my meat cooked well-done and I prefer burgers on the non-greasy side.

Current favs: Habit Burger, Boomerang's, Anny's Fine Burger

Q: One movie that you hate to admit that you liked?

A: I'm so behind on my movie queue and there are a few off the top of my head that I am ashamed to admit I enjoyed but I'd say the most recent one was The Interview. A really silly movie but maybe all the drama surrounding the release of it got me so intruged, I came out pleasantly entertained by it.

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